Estudio Nómada, Barcelona, Spain, March 14 – April 4 2019


ebb and flow

Untitled Arts Society (Cellar Gallery), Calgary, Alberta, November 9 - December 22 2018


AFA Travelling Exhibition Program (TREX), Medicine Hat, Alberta, 2018- 2021

When we come out of hibernation

Five Art & Merchandise, Calgary, Alberta, March 23- April 15, 2018

Objects of Ambition

The Goat Shop, Calgary, Alberta, February 20 - May 18 2018


Marina & Cortes Island, British Columbia, 2017-2018

ambiguous implements

Ambiguous Implements is a collection of assemblages uncertain of their origin or intention. Manipulated by the artist’s hands and previous unknowns, the materials exist between a state of making and being made. Assembled together they become artifacts of the blurred differentiation between human and natural actions.

Old Schoolhouse Gallery, Cortes Island, British Columbia, August 5 - 14, 2016

ambiguous implements - in nature

photo credit : Sebastian Jarmula

ambiguous implements

Marion Nicoll Gallery Main Space, Calgary, Alberta, September 14 - 25, 2015

Catching the Ephemeral

Catching the Ephemeral is an assemblage of that which is not static or solitary. It is a manipulation of the artist’s hands and previous unknowns, blurring the differentiation between human and natural actions. There is an intentional ambiguity to the origin of the materials and their current state of being, suspicious of the beauty and value that is implied through interactions.

Stride Gallery +15  Space, Calgary, Alberta, August - September, 2015

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