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Thursday 18 April 2019 at 10:54 am.

Estudio Nómada, Barcelona, Spain, March 14 – April 4 2019


EMERGENCE is an exhibition featuring the work of two artists who met during their stay at Mas Els Igols Artist Residency. The renovated wine estate, surrounded by vineyards and the Penedès countryside, has situated their practices. Conversation and new work emerge as the sun streams into the courtyard and their shared studio. Environment is a parallel in the work of Carien Vugts and Hannah Petkau. Enveloped in their process, the landscape that surrounds them is evident in what transpires.


The interplay of generative and reductive occurrences are employed in the delicate works of Hannah Petkau. The technique of frottage collects the pattern of surfaces she encounters, a record of her fieldwork. Thread by thread, the existing warp and weft of a piece of silk is meticulously deconstructed,  revealing a pattern or image. Intimate and precise.


The gallery space has been the formative habitat for Carien Vugts for which she has developed a new work-in-situ. Layers by layer, various sheets of white material emerge into the gallery space. The wall itself becoming part of the work, as if forces from the other side are pushing the image forward. Slowly but surely. Integrated with the architecture, the work reveals itself gradually, becoming integral to the space.


Shades of white, light gray and earth tones fill the gallery. As time passes, the work’s presence intensifies, permeating the space.