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ebb and flow

Friday 14 December 2018 at 9:24 pm.

Untitled Arts Society (Cellar Gallery), Calgary, Alberta, November 9 - December 22 2018

Ebb and flow. Wax and wane. Let me collect the driftwood and shards of light left behind, expelled from the churning cycles that compel the ocean’s tide, force the watery molecules of our cells to dance awry when the moon calls full. The lunar effect, they say. I was born on a waning moon, and of all the organs to be influenced by this, they say it’s my heart. They say it’s my heart and the eddy it spurs: round from the tip of a finger to a heel to an ear lobe to a parietal lobe, on and on so long as a heart beats.

Our bones are really just rocks, particulate matter that migrated into flesh when we were pelagic creatures. Our blood is an ore deposit: iron, copper, manganese, cobalt. The stuff of an extractive industry. Our thoughts: small bolts of lightning. Our feelings: tremors of an earthquake. To be alive is to collaborate with the things we think of as other than us.

If I was born on the full moon, of all the things to be influenced by this, they say it’d be my hands.

Exhibition text: Natasha Chaykowski

Installation photos: Katy Whitt